Entry #3


2017-01-08 04:14:10 by COWOX



hey friends! i has a new animation about a robot teaching a bird to fly...

also im going to just be posting on newgrounds from now on.

id rather contribute  to a website thats community and vision i support.

then just some place that scoffs at animated content.

iv been wanting to post animations on newgrounds since i first got internet.

but i never started till 2015 because thats when i felt my content was worth it.

well anyways. i came to the conclusion that i should just stay were feel welcomed. not were i feel pointless.

so with that said!

thanks you guys for being amazing and giving me memorys since 2004 and here is to the years to come!


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2017-01-08 21:50:58

Really well made! Like the pacing, the colours, the lighting, and interesing script too

COWOX responds:

thanks man